Solid Odor Absorbers Pure Linen 8 oz

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Solid Odor Absorbers Pure Linen 8 oz

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Pure Linen Solid Air Freshener magically absorbs bad odors and freshens the air…Naturally! Uses a unique formula that utilizes activated charcoal · Pure Linen quickly absorbs foul odors , and freshens the air with a fresh linen scent! · Ideal for odors caused by pets , garbage , smoke , mildew , dampness , chemicals , paint fumes , etc. · Also ideal for use near the cat litter box or placed around the basement to remove that unpleasant damp , musty smell. To Use: Peel off top label exposing air vents. Place all around the house in the areas you want to keep fresh and odor-free.

Additional Information

Ingredients: Long Lasting Dual Action:
*Fresh Linen Scent Freshens the Air
*Activated Charcoal Absorbs Odors!


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