We distinguish ourselves by providing the goods and services that are not rendered by the neighboring pharmacies and chain stores such as:

  • organic vitamins and supplements
  • organic natural remedies
  • organic & natural veterinary supplements
  • homeopathic medicine
  • organic snacks and drinks
  • organic and natural cosmetics and household products
  • Russian medicine & cosmetics
  • nutraceutical compounding

Overall, the goods and services provided by our pharmacy serve communities through battling tough issues including irregular digestion, diabetes, high blood pressure, autoimmune conditions, adrenal health, brain and mood health, thyroid health, and emotional “binge” eating. A community with an organic pharmacy is a strong community. The personal touch of Best Organic Pharmacy creates waves of quality and tangible benefits throughout a community.

Yana Gandelman

PharmD., BCNSP

Supervising Pharmacist

EXPERIENCE: 19 years
SPECIALIZATION: Doctor of Pharmacy