I believe we all have a story that has brought us exactly where we are today.

My Health and Wellness Journey began over 25 years ago – it started when I realized that I have to heal my daughter in a different way than traditional medicine offered at that time.  After spending days and nights reading tons of medicinal and alternative literature and searching for the solutions I finally got the answer. My daughter was getting better every day. And it was a successful step that I proudly shared with the other mothers and then little by little I became somewhat of a health advisor whose opinion was highly valued.

At this time I did not realize that it was my calling to help my family, friends, neighbors and their families in order to live healthier and happier lives. I always tried to live a healthy lifestyle myself and I just felt compelled to help others do the same.

I received my Doctor of Pharmacy Degree from Long Island University in New York City. While completing my six years of rotation in different hospitals of NYC, I saw a lot of sick people suffering from multiple diseases and my heart was full of compassion, I strongly desired to help them.

As time went by and I already had been dispensing medications in retail, hospitals and home infusion pharmacies. I always spent time counseling my patients about therapeutic lifestyle changes (TLS) that needed to be done to stop the progression of the disease and  improve their quality of life. I always heard positive feedback from my patients when they followed my recommendations and I even saw some of them getting off the medications, losing weight and totally transforming their lives.

I started to pursue my education towards nutrition and become a Board Certified Nutrition Support Pharmacist. This opened up an opportunity for me not just to dispense the medications but also to make nutrition counseling and life changing recommendations for the patients.

Working at the University of Miami Hospital with a famous surgeon, writing the nutritional orders for inpatient and spending many hours helping her to provide nutrition support at the outpatient clinic, I started thinking about prevention of diseases. A lot of patients told me if they possessed the nutritional information I shared with them a long time ago, that they would not be in their current condition today.

I’ve been discovering how to help men and women who are stressed out, busy professionals transform their bodies….and their lives. After years of research in psychology, nutrition, and optimal performance, I’ve realized that it’s time to turn this passion into practical knowledge for the real world.

I received My Health Coach and Advanced Nutrition Certifications from the Health Coach Institute. I developed Total Transformation program and skills everyone can use in their everyday life that help you lose weight, gain energy, and transform your body!

I love being able to blend my pharmacy and nutrition background with coaching experience to help everyone who feel like they are stuck and want to get back on track and to get the body and the health they deserve.

We all know what to do, we just don’t do it. That’s a problem. Knowledge does not equal behavior changes. We don’t need more facts. We are getting a lot of theory, but we are not putting it into practice. What I am doing is not only educating about healthy lifestyle and eating habits but rather motivating to break out of the rut and get into action with the real steps and real results.