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Exclusive Skin Treatment Based on Your Skin Concerns

50 ML


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Discover your path towards a truly customized skin care experience.

Blend & Boost provides a unique form of skin treatment that allows you to target your own specific skin concerns, such as dry skin, oily skin, sun damaged skin, wrinkles and many more.

Your personalized cream will be prepared by combining cosmetic active boosters into one of the dermatologist tested formulas based on your skin concerns.

  • ANTI-AGING targets fine lines and wrinkles. Formulated with antioxidants
  • MOISTURIZING provides intense and long lasting moisturization
  • SENSITIVE SKIN soothes delicate and sensitive skin
  • OILY SKIN provides matte and flawless complexion

Check out YOUR OWN Blend & Boost Code here and I can prepare an elegant skincare formula JUST FOR YOU at our pharmacy.

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